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★ OOAK T-Shirts | Hoodies | Hats | Canvas Bags ★

$60-$220 USD *Depending on Complexity + Cost of the Item & Shipping

Please note THIS IS NOT A COMMISSION OFFER, but rather a line of items and designs which I will produce and make available for sale.


So, you want me to paint on an organic cotton T made by your local brand, a particular hoodie you like – that fits just right or a pair of jeans or a canvas messenger bag? We can arrange that!

Here is how it works:

1 – Go to Amazon.CA and find the item you want me to paint
2 – Whisper me amazon.CA product link (and options info if any)
– I will then review the item & add it to my “Paint My Gear” Amazon wish-list
3 – In my twitch info click on the section called “Paint My Gear”
4 – Find Your item on the wishlist and buy it
– Amazon.CA will ship your order directly to me and I will let you know when I received the item and we are ready to Rock it on Stream!
5 – Join me live on to see the magic in the making!
6 – Sit back & relax,.. get up, walk back and forth around the room, start pacing or doing laps around dinner tale or other large object of choice, wait impatiently in great anticipation for Your very own Super Epic Hand-Painted goodie to arrive! *repeat daily until item is received
7 – When item arrives, thank the nice mailman, run to location of choice and frantically unpack Your awesome new gift-to-self! *consider shredding the hell out of the packaging – *benefits may include stress relieve and escalated excitement levels
8 – FINALLY ! Ta Da DA F8^%ing Daaaaa! PUT IT ON! & HELL YESSssss!!!! ~sound effect – angels singing/evil “Mwahahah” laughter~ pick one :P
9 – ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT !!! and make your friends and random by passers very jealous!
10 – Snap lots of pics and spread the love! Remember to tag/@/# KAI , ZAN57, PaintMyGear

*Please keep in mind that this works best on smooth/un-textured fabrics.

I will post an announcement once I find a way to work on other materials


* I can only work on FABRIC. NO LEATHER or other materials will be accepted
** PRICES WILL VARY based on complexity & materials
*** Above prices ONLY apply to basic apparel painting
**** Items with Complex Artwork will be treated as a Painting and priced at my REGULAR RATE

***** If it is absolutely impossible for you to get your super special item from Amazon please contact me and we will arrange other ways of delivery

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