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Tools & Art Supplies

★ ★ ★ WATERCOLOR ★ ★ ★

Holbein, Daniel Smith and Russian ZK/Yarka/White Nights, as well as selective colors from Schmincke, Windsor & Newton, M Graham & Co., and Da Vinci.

In my palettes I combine colors from various manufacturers. I doubt I have a single palette/box that’s all one brand.

I love Holbein’s quality, behavior and colors – if only they had more heavily granulating options I doubt I’d ever look another way. However, they don’t, and I love granulation (but I don’t always feel like using granulation medium), so I turn to DS. DS has a huge range of granulating colors and they behave beautifully when mixed with other brands.

I also use Russian ZK/Yarka/White Nights watercolors. I grew up and graduated art school with this brand. They are honey based, rather than gum arabic. They are wonderful to work with and produce beautiful results offering great quality at a very low cost.


Natural squirrel, sable and various sumi brushes. I prefer natural hair for watercolor but there are few synthetic exceptions I use and absolutely love. I also use inexpensive synthetic brushes when I use watercolor on wood and other surfaces that may ruin pricey natural brushes.


Miller’s Workhorse Traditional Palette, Mijello Perfect Color, Mijello FUSION 18, Holbein 500, and many many more! But most of all,- white porcelain/ceramic tiles, condiment plates and sushi trays :) I’m also trying to get my hands on a few The V.Piera Paintboxes more commonly known as “The Spanish Platte”

I have many palettes and paintboxes. I regularly work as on multiple paintings at the same time and I like to keep their palettes separate because of the additional mediums I use in mixed-medium paintings. In also, I have several “take out” palettes that permanently reside in my car, purse and plein air back-pack.


I have many paint-boxes of various brands as well as many custom and hand made boxes which I make myself.


 ★ ★ ★ OIL & ACRYLICS ★ ★ ★

I prefer oils (especially water soluble oils) over acrylics.

★ OILS  ★

Holbein regular and Water Soluble Duo Aqua Oils, Windsor & Newton, M Graham & Co., Russian ZK – I’m open to trying other brands as-well, however I mostly stick to these since these have always been reliable and are easily available at my local art supply shop.

★ Acrylics ★

I barely use acrylics but when I do I stick to the most obvious suspects. Golden & Liquitex. I’m also planning to give TriArt and M. Graham & Co. a try, since many reviews say they have longer drying time than other brands, with more color density than Golden Open Acrylics – which may seem quite “glazy” at times :)


Random synthetics both expensive and super cheap – really not picky with these :) A couple of detailing kolisnsky sable brushes for oils. Plus anything goes for texturing and other effects :)


Tri-Art PEEL-OFF Palette, Mijello Artelier Airtight PEEL-OFF Palette, Fredi Weber Peel-able Tray Palette (formerly knows as Multi Palette), traditional wood palette for oils or flat sheet of tempered glass for both oils and acrylics.


★ ★ ★ OTHER TOOLS ★ ★ ★

Daniel Smith Transparent Watercolor Ground, Genuine Gold/Silver leaf, Various brush pens and water-brushes, White and Metallic inks and gouaches, Pigma Micron Pens (Sakura), Random pencils, chalk, pastels and oil pastels.



Random watercolor paper, Bristol, Yupo, Illustration Board, watercolro Board and other surfaces depending on what I’m working on and weather it’s a practice/fun pierce or a serious project which i would make using only archival quality materials

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